Training Program

I truly believe that nothing can replace one-on-one training. Tanning properly is an art; it requires knowledge of product, technique, equipment skills and a lot of practice. Would you want to go to a salon to get your hair done where the stylist is learning color and how to use the product and equipment on you? I don’t think so! So why then is it ok and even accepted in the airbrush tanning industry? IT’S NOT! Most companies mail you a video and it’s off to the public. I ask you, do you want to learn on potential customers?

I have seen so many people who have been tanning for years with no clue. It’s scary. Just because you can spray a client doesn’t mean you know how. There is a difference. If you’re going to do something, do it right. Take the time and learn the right way. The confidence and security of knowing what you’re doing will show in your profits and client referrals. Success is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

For these reasons, I travel throughout the U.S. to seminars and shows doing classes. You can call the office and inquire where I will be and when. I try to do as many as possible, but even then the four hours the shows allow me is not enough. There is just too much to cover, and you will never really get enough hands-on experience there. It is definitely better than nothing but not the solid foundation needed to start a business correctly.

The best thing to do is call and make arrangements to visit our training salon. Here you will get a top-notch education. Plan to spend two days with us. Your first morning, you will learn about the solutions, what they are, what they can and can’t do, safety precautions and color guides. That afternoon, you will learn how to use the equipment properly, tanning techniques and charting the body. Then you will spend the next hour observing our technicians tanning clients. Before dismissal, you will get tanned and tan a classmate. Day two starts off with questions and answers. During this segment we will look over everyone’s tan and make recommendations on areas of improvement. Then it’s back into the salon for more observation and some hands-on work. Here is where you will work with tanning technicians who have been doing this for years. They will be a tremendous source of help for you. Ask all your questions, make sure you feel comfortable with the equipment, solutions and safety precautions. Tan clients, tan clients & tan more clients. Practice makes perfect. Don’t worry, you will not be alone. Our technicians will be right beside you. After all, they are our customers. We close up the day with maintenance of equipment and troubleshooting. After class there is an extra time allotted for more questions and answers. This is what I consider training. I can honestly tell you that all of our salons that went this route are doing very well. (That’s something to ponder.)

For my salon owners we offer an extra class. Day three we will go over cost, marketing plans, advertising, employee training, provide paperwork to start you off on the right foot, inventory control – basically, we will share our success with you. You will get a good look into our successful salon environment. And you will leave us ready to set your town on fire. There is nothing you can’t do with training, strategy and common sense.

  • Two Day Training – $400
  • Extra Day Owner’s Class – $150

For our larger groups (six and above), arrangements can be made for us to visit your location. Please call for more information and group discounts.

Seminars are held throughout the year where needed. If you are interested in attending one, please email with your name, phone number, state and town. This will allow us to put you on our list for your area, and you will be notified early and guaranteed a spot.

Shows are booked by the groups that put them together. They control class cost, size and time allotted. If we’re not on your local trade show list, please contact the sponsoring group and ask for an Airbrush Tanning Class. Please notify, as well, and we will see about attending.

You control your destiny; the choices are always yours … as will be the results