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Salon Owners

If you are considering incorporating airbrush tanning or other spray tan techniques into your services, you’re making a very smart decision. Airbrush tanning is experiencing a 300% growth rate.

How many times have you seen an opportunity and thought it sounded too good to be true? Afterward, you chastise yourself for allowing the moment to slip by. Don’t let it happen again! Get in on the ground floor of airbrush tanning with Ventura Tan! With the risk of skin cancer on the rise and every physician opposed to traditional sun tanning, Ventura Tan offers a safe and healthy alternative through sunless tanning.

We will provide everything you need to be successful in the sunless business. Depending on your area, clients will flock to your salon when they discover the cost is only $25.00 to $75.00 per airbrush application. We have airbrush tanning salons in operation now, and all are financially successful.

Do you already own a tanning salon? Then the Ventura Tan tanning system will perfectly complement your traditional tanning methods. We at Ventura Tan believe in airbrush tanning and its ability to increase your client base.

With a huge profit margin and extremely reasonable start-up costs, Ventura Tan’s spray tanning is as close to a no-lose situation as you can get. We assist with everything including salon layout and design, computer programs, inventory control, and sales tracking. We do whatever it takes to help you succeed, because our success is only as great as your success!

Our company has been established as a family unit. You will receive all the benefits and perks without any franchise fees. This is excellent for you, the salon owner.