Sunless Solution – The Afterglow of Airbrush Tanning

08 August

The sunless solution has come a very long way from the first faltering attempts in the 1960s which left many a sun shy girl glowing bright orange instead of beautiful brown. Today’s sunless solutions often use an FDA approved chemical called DHA which reacts with amino acids and produces a temporary bronzing effect. The right type and shade of sunless solution is required to achieve the desired effect. Proper pre-tan skin prep is part of the successful airbrush tanning experience for the client. With many sunless solutions the higher percentage of DHA in a solution doesn’t automatically result in a deeper bronze. It is important to know the product and how to apply it to achieve the desired golden or bronze glow.

While airbrush tanning appears to be growing in converts among both traditional tanning clients and those who formerly avoiding tanning due to sun allergies; part of the success of the venture will depend on the right equipment, the correct training and understanding the solutions and applications.

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