New Generation Tanning Room

04 January

I am so excited to introduce The NEW GENERATION TANNING ROOM. I have been working on this for over a year. And it shows in the results. It’s designed to filter and purify the air using a down draft system while spray-tanning so there’s no more overspray everywhere, and it addresses the concerns about inhaling […]

Healthy Look on Skin

07 October

The two week color provided by Air brush tanning fades naturally. The Organic Tanning solutions are formulated to hydrate and replenish the skin to make it better conditioned then before the tan was applied. When Tan extenders are included a sunless tan can last even longer then the two week time frame. In any case, […]

Benefits of Natural Spray Tanning

12 August

Traditional tanning, be it though sun exposure or a tanning bed, exposes the skin to harmful radiation known to cause skin cancer. One major benefit of Air Brush Tanning is that it applies Organic Tanning solutions to the skin that create a tan color without sunlight. There are a lot of reasons why people want […]

Organic or Not

04 November

Some people advocate using Organic Tanning solutions. Others state that only the most skilled applicator can apply an organic solution through Air Brush Tanning successfully. They state that organic can be tricky to mix, have a short shelf life, and if applied incorrectly leave streaks. However, a solution that has a good DHA and moisturizer […]

Airbrush Tanning – Back to Basics

06 October

Air Brush Tanning can be done in several ways, but unlike conventional lotions or pump sprays used at home, professional applications of Organic Tanning solutions are delivered in a fine spray that creates even, consistent coverage. The lack of streaks and missed spots creates a tan that is actually more even then what would be […]

HVLP Supplies and Fine Tuning the System

08 July

HVLP supplies include those parts used for specialized coverage, extra hoses, mixing cups and more. The HVLP system is modifiable to allow for speedier coverage and some spray guns will even allow for drying of the client after the solution has been applied. The air cap sets for most HVLP systems used in spray tanning […]

Airbrush Wholesale For the Professional

05 May

Just as with professional beauty supplies; airbrush wholesale spray tanning supplies and equipment differ from what the home user finds available. A home user will rarely require several HVLP brushes nor will they usually require a selection of skin tones, or organic skin conditioners. These products are generally available only to the professional. A salon […]