Airbrush Training – Providing the Very Best To Your Clients

07 March

Learning airbrush tanning is more than a matter of purchasing an assortment of wholesale airbrush tanning supplies and starting to spray on tans. A salon owner would no more try airbrush tanning without training than they would attempt to give a pedicure, color hair, or apply nails without training or with a fifteen minute briefing.

Before the owner is ready to purchase wholesale airbrush tanning supplies they should first learn what is involved and the techniques used in airbrush tanning. Each portion of the body requires a different touch. Different skin tones require different solutions. To achieve a truly professional airbrush tan, the professional must first have practice, and hands instruction under skilled instructors is preferable.

The best technicians who apply airbrush tanning have many hours of practice in applying tanning solutions and are truly considered artists. Applying a beautifully even tan to a variety of clients is an art form and the best tanning salons have well trained technicians who are familiar not only with the HVLP equipment but also clean up, maintenance and tanning solution application. A 2 hour video and practice on a few friends is rarely a good substitute for practical training.

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