Organic Princess Line

At Ventura Tan, we strive to provide you with only the highest quality products available. We are in continued contact with the manufacturers of all our products, airbrush system machines and guns, the tanning solutions, the skin care items, advertising and promotion and all other essential items we offer. This allows us to interject our thoughts and ideas on any and all changes and upgrades, which, in turn, provides you with superior products for your salon.

All of our products are FDA-approved.

  • Our laboratories adheres to the most stringent FDA guidelines to insure that there are no finer lotions, skin-care, and UV-free tanning solutions in the world.
  • Our laboratory has been on the forefront of research and development for nearly 25 years and has an outstanding reputation for superior tanning lotion formulas.
  • The informed salon owner should know that the key to evaluating any new line of lotion is to not only try them first hand but to read the ingredient list on the label.
  • Know exactly what you are purchasing! If you do this, you will see that our products excel beyond nearly all others.
  • Our professional DHA is extremely effective and is formulated to provide immediate gratifying results that other solutions cannot do today.